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Without The Reasons


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1. This is not the right section to post. Right one is here: http://forum.craftersland.net/forum/74-unban-requests/


2. You are not following the given template in the right section. Template: http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/11370-notice-unban-appeal-template/


Instructions to Follow:

[unban Model Below]

Topic Title Should Be: [unban] [username here]

[Copy Paste All Below and use it in your Unban Appeal Topic]


[1] In-Game Username:

-(Answer in this line)-
[2] Details of Situation:

-(Answer in this line)-

[3] Ban Category:

-(Answer in this line)-

[4] Ban Duration:

-(Answer in this line)-

[5] Staff Member:

-(Answer in this line)-

[6] ScreenShots:

-(Answer in this line)-

[7] Your Reason:

-(Answer in this line)-


3. I found these two lines in the crash log you posted here: http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/16647-help-please

- Transformer: net.minecraftxray.loader.m

XRay Version: 15
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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