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Network Skyblock Server Changes! Vote Now!


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  1. 1. Should we close The Mines and SkyLands, to have a harder SkyBlock experience?

    • Yes, close The Mines and SkyLands! They ruin the SkyBlock experience of hard survival.
    • Yes, but only close The Mines, I like SkyLands.
    • Yes, but only close SkyLands, I like The Mines.
    • NO! Don't close them.

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Hello dear crafters,


I'm planning a small update on our SkyBlock server to add Clans, Rewards and Crates. But also I was thinking of some other changes like closing down The Mines and SkyLands, we will still have the Dungeon. The reason behind this is that the game no longer feels like SkyBlock and it's just too easy, and SkyBlock should be a harder survival, more challenging.


Anyway, before closing The Mines and SkyLands we need to know what you think and the decision will be taken after you vote! Please vote in the pool above and decide what you think it's best.


Please send this topic in game to get as much as possible votes to make this relevant.

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