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[Rollback Request] Me-Drives And Disks Are Gone

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Hey guys,



Account Name: andymoene

Island owner name: andymoene

Coordinates: X: -8204; Z: -3404

Time/date: 14.10.2016 00:30 (went offline at server restart) GMT+2/CEST (german time)


Description of Issue:

I just saw that all my ME-Drives got griefed and the disks in there are also gone. Many items and also liquids...


The incident was between 00:30 and 7:45 in the last night (14.10.2016) (GMT+2 - german time). 


Screenshots of the missing ME-Drives:




Here is a screenshot of one ME-Drive in the background (never thought of taking screenshots of it):



Screenshoted my chance-cubes yesterday to show somebody:



I only got some more screenshots to show that there were ME-Drives in there (the drive is in the background), just tell me if you need more of them.


People who can proof that there was many stuff in there: Jessylein94, Baetz, Lina, S0ulR34per & Imperatus.


As first step I locked down my island. Are all "trust" revoked when I do this? Is there any way to look up all "trust"? I know of four people having trust on the island and I cannot think of more. I do not think that any of these guys need to steal something.


Maybe you could look for a unique ME-Wirless Receiver linked to my ME-System. It was also in there and is gone too.


A bit off-topic:


I just registered my account later than I bought the VIP-package. Is it anyhow possible to claim that board-rank?



Thank you in advance.




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I do not know why I should lie about it, but fine - I get your point that it may be faster; thank you for telling me. I added two screenshots I had. The screenshots I got are mainly with the ME-Drives in the background, because I never thought about taking a screenshot of them directly... Was just shocked this morning when I came online.


husaxXD (or so) just saw the drives yesterday evening, but he has no trust on my island and cannot say how much stuff was in there or what size the disks were.

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What do you mean with that "extra protection"? A room + door or hide it with blocks around (guess you placed the dirt around the drives?) it? "Someone" - is everybody able to do this even without trust? Thought nobody can destroy blocks on another island without trust status?


Is there any way to show a trust-list, just to make sure nobody has it who does not deserve it?


Any clue of the person who did this?


Thank you so much for that rollback! :)

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Now I checked everything and moved my ME-Drives to stand save. I saw that I am missing the chance cubes I bought yesterday in auctions. Would it be possible to item refund them? Would also be okay if that is not possible.


Screenshot from yesterday with these cubes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0oie3wfwpin03an/Screenshot%202016-10-13%2023.43.07.png?dl=0

Screenshot from today with many less cubes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vybx10hatarnwcg/Screenshot%202016-10-14%2019.23.26.png?dl=0


Thank you so much for all your help!




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