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Bat/witch Halloween Lag Issue


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So a few friends and I share an island, and one of them shot one of the "hit me"-bats with a terra blade laser shot.  It crashed his game, but our island remained fine for a few hours afterwards.  Now, as soon as you're in a certain region of the island, the game falls to 0fps, and there is a mass of bats frozen mid-flight.  The lag makes it impossible to kill any of these bats, as you can only shoot at them when they are rendered, which makes the game lag.



Is it possible to do a mob-wipe on our island?  Would it even be possible due to the lag?


pic of where bat mass is located http://puu.sh/rMDwd.jpg


edit: coords at 8790, -7362


Editedit: after some more examination i found the source of the lag to be the jack o' lanterns that drop from mobs.  The lag starts when you right click it and it growls.  They are unbreakable by hand and tools, is there a proper way to break them?

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Hi, I check the area, could not find any source of lag, there were like 10 bats in the distance, they can't generate lag. Also when the pumpkin animation runs I had no problems. How much memory did you allocated to the game?

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