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Hi guys,

We had a lot of issue lately, the main problem is we have someone that always DDOS and try to hack what ever they can and ask us for money else they will continue lol! Anyway after they managed to find a security issue and hack the forum 2 days ago I decided that it's time to upgrade the forum platform and update the licence.

The forum attack made us lose about 2 weeks of data, we are sorry about this, I salvaged as much as I could and if you lost topics please re-post them.

This is a sample of one of the emails we get from these guys:

We have compromised all of your dedicated and VPS servers. We have root access, file access and your entire user base. 

These attacks will not stop, no matter how many times you replace your content.

We also have your entire authentication SQL for network and modded servers exported. 

We are demanding 1 BTC to remove our access and leave you alone permanently. 

Otherwise, these attacks and DDOS as they have for months will continue for many more.

Reply via email with confirmation that you can meet our demands.

All we can do for now if first fix the security issues, paying them money will be a big mistake. The new forum platform is up to date and secure, even so we improved the backup scripts so if this happens again we will have minimal data loss. Also we enhanced the dedicated servers firewalls to restrict access on root to only authorized staff, so they can't even try to hack the passwords. We have all the operating systems up to date too and our community is safer then ever, and we also got a better forum! Even if they still continue to DDOS us the impact is minimal as our firewall manages to protect us for the most of them, as you can see servers are online and working fine. If we will give something to these guys that will be legal action, but our priority now it to fix the security issues and protect our community first.

I think they managed to get the hands on the forum password database because the old forum was outdated, it's encripted but they can use them to get on accounts so I strongly advise you to change the forum passwords! If they had root access like they said they could harm the servers, as they could not do that means they tried to scare us to give them money. Anyway we changed all root passwords and added better firewall protection so they can't even try to connect as root. 

We will not get scared because of these guys, many tried to get us down since we started 5 years ago and we are still here today, we will survive!

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I want to add two things,
The  first is that the forum looks amazing and that it really is an improvement, and the second thing is that I advise the members of this community to also change their email/gmail & Mojang passwords just in case they used the same password on the forums as it's a common thing that people do.

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