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[Rollback Request] Odyssianrealms


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Account Name: Odyssianrealms


Island owner name: Odyssianrealms


Coordinates: x11000 z-9200


Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 22.00 CET 20th of december, 2016. ( Two hours ago from this post. )




Description of Issue: I placed down a handful of arcane lamps down, 30-40  or so, but apparently that number of lamps lagged the server so. I don't want to go there now to remove them because that would make the server unplayable for 10-15 minutes.

Odyssianrealms is my Alt account, you can check the IP logs if you'd like :-)


*Screenshots: N/A


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Im afraid so, that henk's farm will end up lagging the server and client, maybe a failsafe incase something happens henk?

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Thank you @brunyman, I realise this and don't intend to have them all going at the same time :-), but rather in sections so I can active a few chunks at the time dependant on what I need.

@itsz Nevertheless, I have also done plenty of precautions to prevent anything for that to happen.

first off, manual switch, automatic switch if i'm not online/or there at all, and I also have a third one incase I can input items.

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