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HunterLunde101YT needs a "modded tool" for farming station

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for my farming station i have a glitched item with infinite durability and its a mattock name... "bone mattock"


its description is


Place this tool in a crafting window to update it"



Tinkeres Construct


and i have it for my farm..

Picture:  http://imgur.com/a/VodBJ

but ask itsz the helper

he saw it... he came over to my base and told me to write this


soo i can get more for my new farming stations... :/

if anyone can can someone give me like 5-6 of these?

for my soon to be farming stations?

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16 hours ago, Thomason said:

Those mattocks you are using are not allowed to use, Because they are made with an exploit which is against the rules

okay i just heard from itsz on the server

is it okay if i give you guys the bone mattock once i have

4 unbreakable 10  magic wooden mattocks?

im already at 2

and i have the resources to get 2 more :?


soo tell me if i can

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