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Complaint: Whitelist4life racial slurs and threats


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In-Game Nickname: Whitelist4life


Time and date: around 6:15am PST


Description of what happened: in a dispute with R4uschI, Whitelist4life began insulting and threatening R4uschI's mom and R4uschI. He then called R4uschI a n1g@@@, claiming he wasn't swearing because of the @@@ . When I jumped in to tell him family insults and racial slurs were out of bounds, he told me to stay out of it and it is ok because he is black.

I suppose the threats to me could be considered in game, character to character, but I really find resorting to racial slurs and insults in an argument to be over the top.


Screenshots or Proof: Unfortunately by the time I thought to, that portion of the chat was no longer accessible, but R4uschI claims screenshots were taken.


List of eyewitnesses: 




there were others on but I don't know if they noticed or not


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I was there to. Again i have many problems with this person. I asked him why i was being annoying and he just because. i asked him you know whats annoying? and he goes what? your mom? Also, i was in the middle of typing this and he starts hitting me with a railgun and putting lava beneath me, causing me to go to half health.

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No matter who you are it doesn't allow you to accuse someone else's race/gender/religion, Whitelist4life has been rude assuming that nothing would happen.

Also, PvP is not allowed on direwolf20 unless both sides agree on it, so if he in any way killed you or harmed you which you found offensive, that's another offense from him.

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