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Galactic Craft Moon Dungeon Glitch


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Account Name: TheKoopaGaming


Description of problem:

This is not so much a server problem but a Galacticraft problem. As reported here, there was a glitch in Galacticraft version <3.0.3 where some moon dungeons spawned without boss rooms or treasure rooms. This is still a problem in Tekkit since it is running Galacticraft version 2.0.2.  This happened to me. I found a moon dungeon, beat the boss, got a key, but there was no treasure room. I'm hoping someone can spawn me a treasure chest that I can use the key on since I really want to get the tier 2 rocket schematic. I uploaded a screen shot proving I have the key. I know this is a mod-side issue and not a server one but I hope someone can help me out with this.

Thanks for any Help!!


tier one dungeon key.png

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