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I can't create a Town


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Account Name: MisterRodgers

Description of the Issue: Alrighty so I just joined the server earlier today and I spent most of my time building myself a house for me and a friend of mine. We intended to create a town a were unaware of the /town map feature. Fast forward to now, it seems I've unknowingly built my home a couple chunks away from some claimed land. This guy's claimed land is about 4 random chunks of unaltered snow biome, which explains why I didn't notice it. Is there a way to dissolve the claim on this land so i would be able to create my town? Like say if that player hasn't been online in a very long time? It doesn't seem like there's any reason for that town to be claimed anyway. I spent several hours gathering the materials and building on this mountain so I'd appreciate if i could get some help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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