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Lots of items bugged away


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Recently I wanted to make a few compressions dynamos and I was storing the crafting items in my inventory. When I crafted them I put them in my ME system. Then I wanted to craft the compression dynamos and I realized that the items were bugged away.

Lost items:

5 stacks Tin Gears

2.5 stacks Redstone Transmition Coils

10 Tin Blocks

Please give me the items back. The tin for those came from 6 quarrys in the deep dark.

PS. I've lost 1 Quarry and 1 Tesseract, because I didn't knew that the dark deep gets reset every monday and friday.

PSS. Just give me the tesseract, I don't need the quarry back, I have enough of them.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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