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Town got rolled back


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Our town (Town name: Nightwatch) got rolled back around around 15 minutes ago (18:00 UTC time). We guess that it has something to do with the grief-related rollbacks, but nevertheless, our chunks were fine after the initial server rollbacks, and now we have lost a couple of days worth of progress.

Among the items lost were:

  • Alloy smelter (ID: 1712)
  • Redstone Solar Panel (ID: 2428)
  • Magma Crucible (ID: 2667:4)
  • Fluid Transposer (ID: 2667:5)
  • Redstone Energy Cell x2 (ID: 2670:3)
  • Laser x12 (ID: 1297)
  • Combustion Engine x12 (ID: 1282:2)
  • Enderium Ingot ~20 (ID: 5141:76)

It might not seem much, but given our current progress level, these items cost us a while to make, and we would kindly ask to have them refunded back, if our chunks cannot be restored. The only screenshot we have shows at least our combustion engine and laser room.

In-game, please contact Juggernation or MobileBallistic

Thank you for your time.


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