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Big Reactors turbine acting weird


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Hello guys,

As the title says, I'm having some problems with my big reactors turbine.

I'm using 3 maxed out railcraft steam boilers, each one generating 720mb steam. So 2160mb of steam per tick.

That steam is turning a 7x7x16 turbine with 80blades/32block of ludicrite. Since one turbine can only use 2000mb of steam this one has all the steam it needs and should produce arround 28k rf/t. And it does...sortof...

The turbine controller on the server is getting bugged from time to time. Sometimes its working correctly (28krf and steam is building up in my boilers because I'm producing more than it can handle). But after some time the controller gets a bit retarded and keeps telling me completely wrong numbers. This wouldn't be a big problem BUT if the turbine is currently "corrupted" it keeps using all the excess steam I could use for something else. This makes any kind of advanced controll via computer port impossible.


Here are some screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/5yo7u


What I've allready done:

-the entire setup is build inside 1 chunk

-the turbine is using no glass to reduce possible lag

-different piping (direct tesseract/ender fluid conduits/super laminar fluiducts) all had the same result

-multiple steam intake ports


Has anyone ever had a similar problem? Would be nice if someone had a solution for this.


Sincerely UnplayedNamer.


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The thing is, server have lag reducing system, wich lower ticktare of distant chunk (chunk where player is no present)

To fix that problem, you need to chunkload your turbine, and powerbank (if that`s diffrent chunk), that can fix your problem. Probably.

Also, keep in mind, steam boilers gives steam up to 200mb/t per connection point, and i see only 1 connection per boiler you got there. Ofcourse, you got unlimited flow pipe. But it still gives 200mb/t per pipe. I`m talking about passive steam output rate. If you actively pump out steam, numbers can change. Check HERE.

But probably problem in chunkloading.

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The entire setup is chunkloaded and those screenshots are not random. I've been literally standing there for hours, restarting everything and trying out different things. So chunkloading can't be the problem.

The piping clearly is not the problem either. I'm currently using super laminar fluiducts with a resonant servo per boiler, thats an active output clearly capable of keeping the boiler empty. And as I said, there is no steam filling up inside my boilers while the turbine is in iths bugged state. The only time the boilers are filling up is when the turbine is operating as it should be and thats because I'm producing 160mb than its capable of using.



Removing the used chunk from my town claim didn't help either


But to highlight the problem a bit better:

- The turbine isnt showing correct numbers. Thats fine since the amount of generated energy is not affected.

- What IS a BIG problem is that the turbine is using more steam than it should be and therefore a big drop in efficiency


My next step is a big reactor thats capable of producing lets say 6000mb of steam. That would be enough to power 3 of these turbines. Imagine 1bugged turbine consuming all the steam now. Thats the big problem here.

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Just a small update, I know it's been a while :D

I've been running 2 turbines of the exact same setup for the last month without that problem occuring once.

What fixed the problem was putting the turbine controller on the same side as the rotor bearing.

Just in case somebody encounters a similar problem.

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