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Hey there my dudes!


I am a hippie gamer who is quite out of the loop, bitten by the persistent Tekkit bug.

I would love to try your server out, but am having trouble getting started.  I downloaded Technic, and the newest version of Minecraft.  I open Technic and downloaded Tekkit, Technik 1.7.10 but neither of those seem compatible with your server.  Upon closer inspection I see you may be running off something called "Galactic Adventures Pack".  When I try to download it through Technic, it gives me the error "Failed to download http://totocraft.ddns.net/modpack10.zip Please consult the modpack author".

I tinkered with it to no avail.  I am rather Minecraft illiterate (I return to the game once every couple years or so) and was wondering if any one here can tell me what I am doing wrong.  I would like to end this with if am able to join your server and have fun, I will certainly pay (donate to?) you for your efforts! 

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