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[BUG] ME Storages Gone During Crashing Loops


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Minecraft Username: Aaron128

Description of the Issue: On the date of January 21, 2016, at about 3-6am, the server was in constant crash loop. It occurred about 30+ times. At one point it had stopped for a few minutes, and I took out all my ME Storages and only put one in, to be sure an item went only onto that storage. Then I put the other storages back into my ME Drive, and not soon after the server restarted. Not long after coming on, I realized that my ME Crafting Terminal was completely empty, and I quickly noticed after that I had 0 ME Storages.

Before that crash, I had two ME 64K storages, and two ME 16K storages.

I had quite a few things on those storages as well, so am I meant to include what I had on them or no?

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