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[Luckyginger12] Died at spawn/rollback request?


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Hello! I'm making this on behalf of Luckyginger12, I had a word with about it over at discord.

Luckyginger12 somehow managed to die at spawn, I haven't been able to log on yet to see where he/she died but I'm sure it's not too far off :-)
I'd be great if any GM+ could break the grave for him/her and hand over his inventory when he/she gets back online - Or even better if Bruny is able to do it and move his/hers items into his inventory. 


Grave gone missing, I'm sure it might be one of you guys working it BUT if it isn't then he'd like to issue a inventory rollback - if possible - to 3 am CST. 

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6 minutes ago, quagma said:

If it's gone missing a refund list (preferably with item IDs) would be appreciated. It'd be easier and faster than waiting for a rollback.

I remember only a few of the items in my bag as well only a few in my actual inventory. There would be no reliable way to recall what I lost exactly. If you would like a list of the things I can remember then I guess I could do that.

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34 minutes ago, quagma said:

Yes, that would be helpful. 

Note: it will most likely be refunded after you log off. But it's better than waiting several days, right?

Golden Greatwood Wand 4481:9

Thaumonomicon 4502

Goggles of Revealing 4504

Crucible 537

Full Set of Iron Armor - the helmet

charged nanosuit helmet 4170:1

stack of paper 339


If you could give me a stack of electrum and a stack of manyllyun I could just recraft my tools.


Crescent Hammer 5276

8 living stone 570

64 living wood 571

Stack of Tin blocks 190:1

Stack of gold blocks 41

Stack of Copper Blocks 190

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