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Lose of stuff


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I was in the runic Dimension fighting vs These minions. I broke the bottom layer with my withern pickaxe. I died and my grave was on the void layer. Therefore i asked staffs on discord. After the Server restarted the runic Dimension was resetted. 62f3beb6a1430937d9168e5547bc4a20.png

I lost:

2 wyvern flux capaciators id 5658

1 pickaxe of the wyvern id 5634

6 wyvern cores id 5638

2 stcks draconium Ingots id 5642

20 Block of draconium id 1647

Quantum boots id 4177

Quantum leggins id 4176

Quantum chestplate id 4175

Quantum helmet id 4174

16 unknown dimlets id 7003

1 stack Gold id 266

3 resonant machine Frames id 2678:3

Thx for helping me




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