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Draconic Mob Grinder doing no damage


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I been using 1 spike to kill mobs I would suggest that; I never bothered with dragon grinders because someone said they were nerfed in IE and hardly do any damage.  You might be too far away; mob grinders only work when you are in a 5x5 chunk area centered in the mob grinder.

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I did a bit of testing, and I can't seem to be able to recreate what you're experiencing.

I tried;
Inside a town with PVE on and off - only worked when on. 
Outside of a town
Inside a dimension

And they all worked, I suggest writing /town perm list and making sure that the PVE is on " TRUE ", also make sure that you're giving the grinding enough power and that you DON'T have a redstone signal interfering with it.

Give it some testing or shout at me when I'm online and let's see if we can figure it out together.

Also, what is you ingame name?

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Draconic grinder use "Fake player" feature to kill mobs. If you set "/town perm set pve true" then Fake player will get access to kill ANY mob in YOUR town (Draconic grinder will start working)

Same thing goes to "Killer joe" or Thaumcraft Golems. It`s all "Fake players".

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