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In-Game Nickname:


Time and date:


Description of what happened: icedfrappachino, ZLwb02, and BulletproofMonk told me and showed evidence of she giving creative items here is the proof.

Screenshots or Proof:


Spawned yellorim and stuff on ZLWB02 base


Icedfrappachino items.

List of eyewitnesses:  icedfrappachino, ZLwb02, and BulletproofMonk and she gave items to more players they said.

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Adding some more details to this post, 


Most of the communication between Iced, Zlwb and myself happened over Discord. Iced started freaking out because the Premium+ player who was giving out items (YesIAmAGamerGirl) had given him a numerous amount of items. Such as the second gyazo link, which is a GIF showing me mousing over the creative spawned 16M drives that She gave to Iced. 


In addition, She gave items to Zlwb because we were trying to see if she would give it out to anyone who asked, which she did. This is the first gyazo link, the yellow grouping of blocks on top of Zlwb's base is actually about 15~ stacks of yellorium blocks that she placed on his base because she told him that she couldn't give him stuff any other way besides placing it in chests. 


She came back later and started throwing yellowcake all over Zlwb's base for some reason, but she kept giving them items whenever they asked, such as stacks of graphite blocks and certus quartz blocks. She made a mentioning of how she got her premium+ rank from the owner himself; apparently brunyman just gave her the rank for free, which seems unlikely. Also the fact that she does not appear on the recent donations section of the server shop. 

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