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Admins abusing and removed my base


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Title: Admins abusing and removing my base without tell me what is going on






In-Game Nickname: Faction_PvP


Time and date: 3/18  about 11:00 PM (CDT)


Description of what happened: I was playing normally like I do and i heard chest open and elevator sounds and i was in my ME and an admin roleback my base when it was nothing and they wont tell me what is going on and they wont show them self. I think this a abuse.  And they took my bow


Screenshots or Proof: 


List of eyewitnesses: None

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Your base was removed due to various reasons, among them duping and creatively spawned in items.

When littlemould was banned, the base was supposed to be removed then. However, due to various reasons, the base wasn't removed at the time. This town, and the participants in it, was part of a really big creative town issue. Many of the items within it were created using methods available to gm1, among others. Part of the reason the original town owner, littlemould, was crashing from a too full inventory, was because he was trying to dupe his AE drives.

I can assure you, however, that nobody took your bow.

Complaint denied. T/C

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