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Henk's Treehouse!


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This base is WIP, as you see no machines or cable management is in place.

(updates MAY happen)




This is the tree. and the staircase leading up to it.


Once upstairs there are some cable management originating from the middle of the base( Me controller under the pink cable. )


This is the backside of the last picture. Notice the staircases on the side and the " open window " to the middle of the treetrunk.


This is at one side of the bottom floor. Please notice the dirthouse in the background, the gold block represents that that house won. For the record that's my dirt house too, suck it quagma!


The outside of the tree, staircases going to different levels. I wanted to keep it natrual and have staircases rather than teleports like elevators. The other side looks the same but mirrored.


This is the middle floor. A raised level for machines, represented by iron blocks. Terminals are suppose to be in the middle 3x3 thingy thang. Along with some automation macines behind that.


This is the topfloor, intentions are to have machines on the raised levels on either side. Power is to be transmitted through tesseract, while ME is accessable by one dense cable in each treetrunk.

A similar 3x3 station for ME terminals are probably going to be on this floor too. 


There's still alot of work to do with the base, ME cables needs to be dragged out along the floor as it's done on the first floor. Yes I know I can use p2p tunnels, but I like doing AE2 this way. And then machines and furniture needs to be added. 

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