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I was in ctw game 3 chinese map. I was capturing the pink wool when KayWolves appeared. I cover for the admin era, kill it once, the second kill it and banea for aimbot. I tell them that I do not use hacks, I was with labymod, and KayWolves banned me by aimbot in a week. Please ask for breakdowns so that you do not use aimbot in ctw. Please, I want you to respond.

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Unfortunatly I didn't record the scene (I didn't have time to do it).

You never told me nothing in-game while we were playing. You say that you don't use hacks but I previously banned you a couple of times for having a Hacked Client (Kill Aura, Anti-Knockback), and how you can strike 5 players almost at the same time? Even if you are pretty good enough to get into 1v5, you will get hitted by one of them, no one touched you at that moment, you were hitting all of them (i'm not talking about having kill aura). Obviously your crossbar (or however it calls) were moving so fast and I think that it's almost imposible to attack 5 people at the same time, even if they are behind you.

Next time use the format template for Unban Requests.

Unban Request Dennied.


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