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[Inventory Rollback Request] Lancelot

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InGameName: Lancelot

Rollback date: 4. April

Accidently  i dropped my resonant satchel with Holding IV upgrade.  And before I could to pick it back again my game froze, eventually I timeout and was not able to recover my satchel. Satchel itself is not so important of course, but what i had inside: several golden bags and all items i used frequently. It is quite impossible to list items for refunding because there are so many of them (just as example i have several deep storage units with thousands of items in them)

All this happened at evening 5. april (approximately 1 hour before this post). To make it safe I request rollback for one day back. Please do rollback my personal inventory so i get back satchel with all items inside. I can not imagine my game without this satchel :(



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