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Unban xxDragonJCxx


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[1] In-Game Username: 

[2] Details of Situation:

Was jailed/muted by Don with no explaination or reason.  Tried to find out why and was then banned for mute evasion with still no explanation why.  Found out hours later from Adrii it was because i griefed a claim with no more explaination than that.  It might have been when I threw a snowball at adrii in harmless fun while helping her build a fulmination generator on her claim (I am friended/resident of her claim)  We were both just having fun.  Still unsure of that as it seems no one could get a complete answer out of Don.

[3] Ban Category:

Mute Bypass

[4] Ban Duration:

3 days

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:

Don't have any, was banned too quickly to take any

[7] Your Reason:

Did not grief any claim.  Not on purpose if i did somehow.

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If you both agreed on the snowball fight and you were a member/friend of her town then the griefing part shouldn't apply, thus the mute and mute evasion shouldn't apply either, I'd like to hear what @DonVanhugenstyn has to say first, but if that is the case from my point of view the ban should be lifted.


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[8] No Griefing claimed Territory:
-1st offense = 2 day ban
-2nd offense = 5 day ban
-3rd offense = 14 day ban

(Includes everything that changes the environment of claimed land.)
(Includes any block, *item*, *action*, liquid, *that can bypass protection.*)

*(Includes town's that you are a resident/assistant of, but not mayor.)*

*(Includes town's that are in your nation, and have you friend listed.)*

*(Includes town's/players that have given you special permissions.)*

Snowballs are a bypass of protection.

I acted purely on the rules and what I saw as provided in ss Adrii did not contact me in this matter to backup xxDragonJCxx and so his punishment has remained.
Adrii asked me how to prevent outsiders from entering her claim, I told her /town perm town set out none
She applied the perm and then provoked DragonJC to try and get back in where he said something like he didn't feel like it anymore and then you see the rest after that in the ss above her saying "ah so nice not having snowballs thrown at me" and blaming DragonJC for it so that looks pretty unwanted to me no reason for me to ask her based upon that series of events its already established that its unwanted.

If she wants to say its ok then fine, but snowballs thrown at people when they don't want them to be thrown at them while they're inside their own claim and your bypassing the protections with a ranged weapon is not allowed and is punishable.

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A rule was broken regardless of its intentions, If you did not have a license and adrii let you use her car saying its ok or if you did have a license but broke another law, and your pulled over and caught the police aren't going to let you go it doesn't matter your getting that ticket.
But I wont be that guy & Apparently I had misunderstood the circumstances at the rate they were happening at? This is a video game I'm still obligated to take my rank (aka job) seriously but It seems there was no harm done in this case.

Adrii and I both have each other added on discord she had every opportunity to help DragonJC out by speaking directly with me & publicly too on discord or Skype staff chat and did not which is why his punishment so far has stayed, but in light of DragonJC's share of the conversation between him and Adrii I will lift the punishment this time.

I hope you don't play like that in real life you wont get very far.

(Also not a waste of resources at all, the tesseracts are unlimited in their energy transfer. A fulmination generator covered in redstone conduits vs one in tesseracts is alot less efficient. You can charge a resonant cell in 1 -2 seconds flat if its covered in tesseracts.)


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