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  1. There are a handful of items like creative energy cells and the items you mentioned broke by not NEI but by the plugin that tags creatively spawned items. The process of marking an item "Spawned in by: blah" is what makes some items unusable. There are ways of accomplishing what you are trying to do for example using inifinite energy blocks instead of creative energy cells, etc.
  2. Building a self sustaining fusion reactor is pretty easy but can use a lot of resources to build. You can easily get 50k rf/t with a setup like this that would power your base and a handful of laser drills easily. Here is a step by step guide on how to make a self sustaining fusion reactor. For this build I used: 32x Electric Turbines 32x Electromagnets 32x Electromagnetic Glass 8x Sound Mufflers (Optional but recommended) 1x Fusion Reactor 1x Chemical Extractor 1x Aqueous Accumulator 1x Energy Cell (Needed only for jump start) Any building material (I used Cobblestone) Redstone Conduits (Can use any item that can transport power. Even Tesseracts can be placed directly on top of turbines) Fluiducts + Pneumatic Servo (Can use any pipe that can transport water) Step 1: Place your fusion reactor up in the air. I usually like to go 3-4 blocks up from the ground. Step 2: Place Electromagnets around the fusion reactor for the inside part of the ring. Step 3: Create the outer ring using electromagnets. It is important that you leave the space between the electromagnet rings empty with air (ignore placeholder cobblestone block in picture) Step 4: Add the top and bottom to the electromagnet ring. This can be made using electromagnets or electromagnetic glass. Make sure there is empty space between the electromagnets and electromagnetic glass. Step 5: Add a ring of any material (I used cobblestone) to hold in the water above the electromagnets. Step 6: Fill in the area above the electromagnets with water as shown Step 7: Add redstone conduits from the top of the fusion reactor in the middle up above the water. Step 8: Place your turbines above the water. They only work over water. Step 9: Add redstone conduits. Every turbine needs to be connected to a redstone conduit. Step 10: The top part of the reactor is now done. Now we need to setup the part that feeds it fuel. Directly underneath the fusion reactor in the middle. Set up an aqueous accumulator in the ground with two waters beside it. Make sure the top of the aqueous accumulator is set to output (orange). Step 11: Place your Chemical Extractor directly on top of the Aqueous Accumulator and place fluid ducts from the top of the extractor up into the fusion reactor. Use a servo to extract the deuterium from the extractor into the fusion reactor. Step 12: Run redstone conduits from the back of the extractor up and around to the top of the reactor connecting it to the redstone conduits on the top. This will power the extractor. Step 13: You will need any type of charged energy cell to jump start the reactor. You can charge one up at spawn if needed. Step 14: After a minute or so, you should start seeing plasma inside the reactor and the turbines starting to spin. Congratulations you now have a self sustaining fusion reactor giving you 50k worth of rf/t. You can pick up the energy cell now and start connecting this new power source to the rest of your base. Step 15: (Optional but highly recommended) Add sound mufflers. Thank me later.
  3. The town has been regened and removed. T/C
  4. You can press 0 on the numpad and bring up waila options and set it to tell you what liquid you are looking at.
  5. You should be able to get online now. T/C
  6. You are now unbanned. You need to make sure your programs adhere to the rules. Make sure they follow the rules: 1. They can not track staff at all. 2. They can not keep a database of players at all. 3. They can not affect the whole server at all. Please limit them to your town's area so you do not disturb/annoy other players. 4. Please do not sell a copy of any of your programs to anyone unless they were approved to be sold by a server Mod, Admin, or GM only.
  7. Refunded your items, check your inventory. T/C
  8. Issue was resolved with a server reboot. T/C
  9. Mojang have recently dropped support for the old skin API used in Minecraft 1.6.4, this means that skins no longer show up in Tekkit and instead everyone just has a Steve skin. This client mod will fix it so everyone will have their custom skin again. WARNING: If you used the old skin-fixer-1.0 mod, your Tekkit client will crash if you get too close to a player using a cracked account instead of an official account as the skin-fixer mod does not know how to handle them. The crash report usually starts with... Description: Ticking screen java.lang.NullPointerException at net.minecraft.client.entity.AbstractClientPlayer.func_110300_d(AbstractClientPlayer.java:94) at net.minecraft.client.entity.AbstractClientPlayer.func_110304_a(AbstractClientPlayer.java:69) at net.minecraft.client.entity.AbstractClientPlayer.func_110302_j(AbstractClientPlayer.java:42) Please use the new LumySkinPatch mod instead. 1. Download the mod at https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/lumy-skin-patch. Download and save the LumySkinPatch.jar file. 2. Open your Technic Launcher and go to the Tekkit Modpack Options: 3. Open the folder your Tekkit is installed at by clicking Open. 4. Go into the mods folder. 5. Copy the LumySkinPatch.jar file you downloaded into your mods folder. IMPORTANT: If you used the old mod, delete the skin-fixer-1.0.jar file! 6. Now start up Tekkit and you and your friends will have their custom skins back!
  10. I support your supportation of this suggestion!
  11. Your Name: xxDragonJCxxItem Name + Amount: Sponsor Perks (Money and Claim Blocks)
  12. Figured before the wipe to take pictures of my small corner of the world. https://imgur.com/a/1zpfr
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