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Help with towns!


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I Ohanno_WhiteWolf from the tekkit server want to rebuild a base. I found a great location to build it at, however there is a problem. There are three towns the restrict me from building even one block because of the towny system. I would like to request that these town be deleted. I have already checked how long they have been in active.

1: OakIsland | 1 month 8 days 52 min

2: LoftyBoys | 2 months 15 hours 24 min

3: Letounka | 1 month 7 hours 43 min

Please help me on this, I cannot find anywhere else to build on the planet and I am sick of Mars and the Moon

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I am truly sorry oh great Brunyman, but I have been able to get a hold of DonVan about this and he has already fixed the problem. I am sorry  can not reply when you do. I believe I am in a different time-zone so its difficult to get here to the forums a lot. Can you or someone please close this topic? Next time I have a problem ill talk to DonVan first. He has been very helpful.

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