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The Tekkit server crashes ore lagg's from time to time, and you do a rollback. i understand that you need to do this. for the presarvation of the server

But two day's ago you did a rollback and i was put back under ground where i was digging and i suffocated in a wall.

I lost tools, Power Armor and resonant jet pack (the power armor was upgraded)

Is there anything you can do about this?

I stil like the server, but i hope you can help me in this mather.

thank you for your time.

PS: sorry for my english i am from holland. and i had it in scool 25 years back :)

With regards




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i dont know the exact time and day, so for get that one (i dont like it but so be it)

But today again server crashes so many today it get on my nerves, i lost again stuff

[Refund Request] SophieMarceau

Account Name: SophieMarceau

Item name + item ID:

Quarry 519
tesseract 930 2x

chunk loader 708:10

and some other stuff to that i dont remember what and how much i had (pipes normal,one dia pipe, void pipe)

i lost even more stuff, but i dont rember all stuff i carry/lost, i was doing all kinds of stuff today.

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 12AM CET( GMT+1 ) 24th of feb.

21-04-2017 20:39 dutch time


Description of Issue: 

i was placing a quarry and tesseracts with a chunk loader the quarry was working 1 min ore so when the server crashed.

you did a rollback and all the stuff placed was gone, it was not in my inventory or on the spot where the quarry was before.


so plz give me my stuff back

thank you


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