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  1. Refund

    Please use the [Refund Request] *Yourname* prefix in front of the topic title. Hi, During the day in the afternoon a dragon disapeard, i was farming hearts, at that time i though grr but never mind go on. Little later i hear something drop in my inv but no heart was there. (did not see it near the dragon) i thought again. lets stop for now Its minecraft it can happen, But toninght i try again, I lost one heart, later one dragon was gone, then my stuf on the ground that need to spawn him was gone. (the ritual happend but no dragon) Now i lost 5 hearts, so its more to say to you if more people report it i dont know if there is a bug. If you can plz refund, if not bad for me Thank you for your help. With regards Sophie Sorry for my bad english, its more then 25 years old when i had it on scool. Account Name: SophieMarceau Item name + Item ID Dragon heart (Item ID 4764, but very helpful!): Time/Date (Time/Date when "WHAT" happened): during the day and evening out the day Description of Issue: Dragon en dragon heart glitches Evidence (Optional, but highly recommended!):
  2. Roll Back

    hi, I was really disaponted yesterday, this rollback was crazy. Afther a hour of cooldown on my end i started to craft all items again. So all items are made once again. I can do a refund qeust for my time and peace off my life back Is there a reason this Rollback was so crazy? Thank you for your help, With regards. Sophie
  3. Roll Back

    Dear staff, The server crashed, it happends from time to time. now there was a rollback. this rollback aint normal went back verry long, many hours i think. i crafted crap ton of stuff that cost so much time to craft. rollback of a few min ok, but i feal i just wasted a whole day of crafting for example i crafted: chunkloader, tesseracts, redstone ovens (max upgraded) pulverizor (max upgrade) Induction oven (max upgrade) (auto sieve small, auto sieve big) auto hammer small, auto hammer big (include the upgrade hammers) 10 import bus inc speed upgrades. Tranfernode 5x normal 5x liquid include 50+ world interaction upgrade. full me system inc 6 harddrives 16k and crafting screen, casting stuff. compacting drawer. fluid transposer and magma crucible (max upgraded) and all kinds of alloyds like vibrand and engergitic, ender power cables more then a stack, me cables +- 70 and a lot off stuff i forgot I know a crash can happen, but this aint normal. is there anything you can do to help? Thank you for your time to awnser/read this. With regards, SophieMarceau
  4. Died on the edge of my island

    Hi there, I died on X13828 z8499 y146 its oudside my Island border, so i cant get to my grave stone. can you help me plz with regards SophieMarceau
  5. Died in safe zone

    Hi i died in the safe zone of the nether and i cant get my grave stone. can u help me plz SophieMarceau
  6. server crash

    Please use the [Refund Request] prefix in front of the topic title. Account Name:SophieMarceau Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful) (lost legendairy key and 4 normal keys Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: server crashed 16:15 dutch time 25-05-17 (there was a rollback) Description of Issue:dont know why the server crahed thank you in advance With regards Sophie Evidence (optional, but highly recommended):
  7. Crash

    thank you for your time and help. this was a hard lessen to learn. I lost some stuff that i had in my inventory, but i wil chew on that as a whise lesson. you helped me great so i did not lose all. again thank you for your time <3 Sophie
  8. Crash

    Hi, i was putting all i owned in my backpack and inventory to start moving to new location. When i was done putting the last few items in my account crashed, It was sort of bug from the server side that trew me out. i cant logg in anymore. all i see is emty inventory and sort off black background. it happend around 00:15 dutch (amsterdam) time. i tryed to restart the game twice, and my pc once.. its not my game that did it i think. Can u help me in this matter please? if you need to do a rollback to fix it, so be it, but not longer back then 10 min please. my account name is SophieMarceau, it happend at my home first floor where my ME system was. i was moving that to my inventory. thank you for your time with regards sophie. PS: by talking on discord it is my fault, i am sorry i was moving my stuff not thinking about my hard drives. again i am sorry that you need to put time in this. (it wont happen again) Sorry <3 Town name Sophie i think coords 1034 2440 59
  9. Roll Back

    thank you,
  10. Roll Back

    i dont know the exact time and day, so for get that one (i dont like it but so be it) But today again server crashes so many today it get on my nerves, i lost again stuff [Refund Request] SophieMarceau Account Name: SophieMarceau Item name + item ID: Quarry 519 tesseract 930 2x chunk loader 708:10 and some other stuff to that i dont remember what and how much i had (pipes normal,one dia pipe, void pipe) i lost even more stuff, but i dont rember all stuff i carry/lost, i was doing all kinds of stuff today. Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 12AM CET( GMT+1 ) 24th of feb. 21-04-2017 20:39 dutch time Description of Issue: i was placing a quarry and tesseracts with a chunk loader the quarry was working 1 min ore so when the server crashed. you did a rollback and all the stuff placed was gone, it was not in my inventory or on the spot where the quarry was before. so plz give me my stuff back thank you sophie
  11. Roll Back

    Hello, The Tekkit server crashes ore lagg's from time to time, and you do a rollback. i understand that you need to do this. for the presarvation of the server But two day's ago you did a rollback and i was put back under ground where i was digging and i suffocated in a wall. I lost tools, Power Armor and resonant jet pack (the power armor was upgraded) Is there anything you can do about this? I stil like the server, but i hope you can help me in this mather. thank you for your time. PS: sorry for my english i am from holland. and i had it in scool 25 years back With regards SophieMarceau