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The server needs more staff and that will stay for a while I guess but before you do recruit more stuff, seeing as they need to be trusted and useful, you should fix the bugs, like the fact that you can't even right click the blocks in the spawn I remember two years ago you could even put yellorium inside that reactor... Also you should add free ranks ~ for in game money, like some servers do and maybe a PVP arena and an actual /warps list ?


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   Hello there, danifor!
   Regarding your suggestions:

  1. The server has enough staff, at least for now
  2. Fixing the bugs takes some time as the owner has to take care of all the servers, but thanks for telling us what needs fixing
  3. The PVP arena is a project we are working on right now
  4. As for the warps and ranks,  I don't really see their purpose on the server, besides if you were to check all our modded servers you'd see that they are some what similar except for a few things and if we were to add this features all the servers would have to want these in the community.

    I hope I've answered all your questions, if you have more please write them bellow.

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