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[Bugged data] MairixLV

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In-game Name:  MairixLV
Issue`: i made a clone from sync and went into it. Then im not sure what exactly i did but my player was left in a clone storage but i couldnt go into it again. It showed me that theere was no clone that had my original items and stuff and its just standing in the storage
Proof of account^:



Sorryfor badpics. I cant play and write a report because of stoneage laptop. It would be nice to have my real character back

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Yes it has redstone signal, and i havent broken it. It still has my old body inside, atleast i can see it, but just cant get into it. Also i already tried to die. All that happened was i respawned, like i would have died from my original body. Same happens if i go into another clone.

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Player has been offline for a week and hasn't replied to the mails i sent him on confirming the issue.
I'm closing the topic since its getting old now, if the problem still exists, Mairix please create a new topic.
Have fun playing in the server!
Topic Closed.

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