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Hello Brunyman


I have a suggestion for the server forums. Adding a Guide section in every server subforum.


There has been and have been alot of guides posted on our forums and it's great really! but it causes alot of " pinned clutter " if you will, have a look at tekkit's subforum for example:

The guides are well made and they deserve a pin, we should encourage guides to be made on our forum. I think the guides deserve their own place in the forum, not a place where all guides are put irregardless of modpack but a section in every server's subforum for this. What do you say?

I guess you could consider a guide as a "creation"?

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Thank you for the addition and I'm sure it will work great.

Only problem right now.. is that the staff permissions don't carry over to the new sections. As in I can't pin/hide/lock/edit any topics in IE/Tekkit guides.

(Moderators can still though.)

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