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DW20 Multi problems

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As of Wednesday, May 3rd, 7:22 p.m. central time:

AE terminals (crafting and pattern) do not bring up a crafting grid

AE terminals of any kind; unable to put items into AE or take items out of AE (yes, I can see my inventory, it has power, I am mayor)

Ender IO Dense ME cables no longer work with AE system (I haven't checked the regular ME cables provided by Ender IO (breaking and replacing them didn't work))

At one point I placed a resonant tank fully filled with gellied cryothium in the shop for $100k.  After a few days, I checked, it was then an empty tank for sale by me for $100k (loss of the product in the tank in the shop)

AE fluix cables missing or where they connect to smart cables are "wrong"...you can tell by looking at them (yes, the chunk is protected.)


While this last thing isn't really technical; The deep dark was reset today, where I lost an Ender Quarry with a fortune 3 attached to it.  I'm trying to find an in game GM to refund it currently.  I would suggest that when someone logs in, maybe a reset timeline for the different dimensions be part of the welcome message.

Thank you.


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Actually,I just would like the ender gen and fortune 3 that went with it refunded, I can rebuild the rest easy (except the AE system is glitched to uselessness). Lost a lot more than that in the reset.  

I'd like for someone to look into what's causing AE to be so completely useless...kinda has all my stuff in it.


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Yes, the security terminal is bugged. Whenever an AE system is spread over multiple chunks, it often has difficulty loading out of chunk wires and bits. Here is a setup that will allow you to use your wireless while not being bugged: 6rJuFl3.jpg

I will get on in a bit and will refund you your lost items. No need to wait for me, though, I can do it without you being online.

Also, the market does not remember or keep track of NBT data. It is a simple creature, and anything more complex than a simple item will confuse it. It will reset it to a default state, not always a good thing. Any containers or tinker's tools will be emptied or (in the case of tinker's tools) will be turned into a wooden replica of the tool.

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