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Refund Request Bad_Wolf_Bay

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Account Name:    Bad_Wolf_Bay

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful)

$10 real cash

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]:

8:15 p.m. CST  5/5/17

Description of Issue:


I'm on the Direwolf20 server and upgraded from Premium to Premium+ and it charged me $20 for the upgrade...which according to the page, upgrades cost the difference.

This means I should have been charged $10.

How do I get that $10 back or do I get upgraded to sponsor?  

When I upgraded the Premium+ was only $10 more. Now it's showing that Sponsor is only $10 more and Premium+ is $20 more ( I would have gotten Sponsor if it had showed that when I went to purchase the upgrade).  

So I'm requesting either the $10 back or to be bumped up to Sponsor.  Either one, I'm ok with.

Or, since Sponsor is showing $9 cheaper, can I upgrade to it and be credited that back to me?

When I went from VIP to Premium it was a $10 difference, but it only actually gave me the price difference when I went to checkout at PayPal.  My prices on screen have never reflected what I would actually pay to upgrade.

Thank you,


Evidence (optional, but highly recommended):

None, didn't think the sale would change within the minutes of clicking the "PayPal" button and then verifying Paypal to send the money.
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When you buy titles with real money, each time you get a title, the others update, taking into account the title/money you already have. I have Premium+ and now sponsor is $20 and sponsor+ is $40. If I had no titles (IE: I spent zero money in the store) sponsor would be $49.99 and sponsor+ will be $69.99. That's why, if you have Premium+, the normal prices are crossed out (red) and the price is lowered.

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