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We had a tier 5 energy core. And earlier we broke it because we thought it was going to be rolled back and we lost 20 draconium blocks due to despawning. i have screenshot but its too large to put on here. So here is the link. https://gyazo.com/4cef05ec3dcc2415f8958560ed82aa58 . And just been told by my town mate that our Vibrant Capacitor Bank despawned aswell.


Account Name: RoastedEU

Item name & ID: 20 Draconium Block - 1647

Item name & ID: 1 Vibrant Capacitor Bank 1714:3

TimeDate: 6-5-2017 around 4:30

What happend: We broke the core then it despawned straight away we lost 20 blocks. And when moving the capacitor bank it despawned when we broke it.

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