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[Bugged Data] Tiredman72

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In-game Name: Tiredman72
Issue`: Crashed sky factory 2.5 server every time I try to login. 
Proof of account^: image uploaded.


More info: all the item (gm 1) in my inv was already there when i first logged in. didn't crashed the server until after a while. I was working on Draconic Evolution Reactor and at some point it crashed.  

I think my location is at (skyworld, 13,420, 146, -9,386)


account proof 2.png

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I can try to jail and unjail you to see if it helps, if it helps, its something with your island, if it doesn't, it's something with your inventory and you'll need to have a Data Reset if I'm not wrong.

Replay to that post if you agree that I'll jail and unjail you to check if it helps.

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I logged in via Pickaxe Chat and seem i didn't crash the server so im going to log in the server with client... will update how that goes

Edit: Im logged in and seem the server is not crashing... whoever fixed this, THANK!!

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