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Tp Killing (bbelliot)


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In-Game Nickname: bbelliot (SpreadDaLuv)

Time and date: 12 of May 2017 21:38 GMT +1

Description of what happened:

I had just logged in, the player (victim) BlueHunter_1 said as i joined: "The only rocket i got is a cargo rocket", i answered with a joke, bbelliot (SpreadDaLuv) awnsered with : "Blue, Tp to me i give for free". then the Chat popped up with: "BlueHunter_1 was slain by bbelliot using BBBBBBBB". Then both me and BlueHunter_1 told him he just broke the rules and he gave them back, but according to BlueHunter_1 he did not get the right set of Power Armor back, the one he got back did not have the modules his old one had.

Screenshots or Proof:  NOTE: i did not get a clear picture of BlueHunter_1 saying his armor did not have the right upgrades, but they did talk about it in the first picture.



List of eyewitnesses: BlueHunter_1, Arcanecoralater

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