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Cannot Connect?

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Hey! I wanted to do a bit of Direwolf20ing and, seeing as im a big fan of the Tekkit server I thought i would give our DW20 server a try. But... you're not in 10.1.0 (It says 'Outdated server'). So i launched 1.7.10 and it worked! Buuuutttttt... IT DIDNT!

See attached video.


I dont know what to do, why its doing thing and if it is even fixable, but I really want to play this server because its the one my friend is gunna play on too sooooooo lol sorry

(ign xX_Samuel_GB_Xx)

2017-05-20 12-38-31.mp4

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We have a Direwolf20, modpack version 1.10.0 but Minecraft version 1.7.

We will have a Direwolf 20, modpac version 1.10.0 AND minecraft version 1.10


It's quite confusing with the version numbers, which Hostname do you use to connect? I notice in the video it says " Wipe complete " which it no longer says, that wipe was made months ago... this all seems a bit odd.

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