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[Refund request] Inventory


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Account name: Brky

Item names: Power suit (whole but boots) and fist (4 HV capacitators (25026:7), 6 Force field emmiter (25026:11), 20 servo motors (25026:2), 1 hologram emmiter (25026:12), 11 control circuit (25026:14), 2 LV capacitators (25026:5), 1 ION Thruster (25026:4), 3 Solar panels (25026:17), 1 computer chip (25026:19), 2 basic plating (25026:9), 7 solenoid (25026:1))

Time: 22/05/2017   +- 21:00

Description of issue: I was walking through town (not mine), I jumped and died, but when i teleported back, i can't pick it up. After couple of seconds, it disappeared.

Evidence: There is some evidence in log of server, in that time I died and asked admin for help, he said i should write ticket, but I don't have any picture or anything.

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