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[Refund Request]

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Account Name: Cajun_Turk

Item name + item ID: Hand of Death 5572,  Ichor silverwood wand, Moon Charm 5946, Full set of ichor tools, Kikoku 5885 with sharpness 5 looting 3 and un-breaking 5, Thaumaturge's Robes, Thaumaturge's Leggings, Thaumaturge's Boots, Google of revealing, 6 knowledge fragments,  64 cooked meat ingot 5027, 200 ender pearls, Thaumonomicon, sanity checker, Ring of Runic shielding 4828|1, Girdle of Runic shielding 4829, Amulet of Emergency Shielding  4827|1, Angel Ring 5225, and Celestial Pearl 5759,

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 7:20 pm-7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time 5/25/17


Description of Issue: Around 7:15 pm I entered the Eldritch Dimension, and explored it for about five minuets till I died. After several attempts of doing /back and failing to receive my stuff in my grave. I asked for help and nothing. I knew that the restart was happening tomorrow so I asked Pumpkin whether or not this dim resets. She said I don't think so. So I left the server since it was getting late and I had to go to work. Then about 3 hours ago I went into the dimension with Ontario_99, and it was reset. I had no clue that this dim was going to be reset because the public announcements just said Mystcraft and Rf tools dims get reset. To sum it up, I died repeatedly, asked for help, left the game, and came back and shocked that the dim was reset without any notice.

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