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[Refund Request]

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Account Name:  BobyWasaby

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful) :  Reactor Casing, Yellorium Fuel Rod, Ender quarry. (775,774,1294)

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]:  time: around 10:30, date 02.06.2017.  before server restarted i had my items in an chest : reactor casing x256 fuel rod x48 and ender quarry x1. before the restart all items were in the chest i got disconnected, when i came back on server around 15minutes after the restart all items were gone from the chest and they were not in my inventory. (the chest was in the Claim/Town so no one could take the items).  So i request refund of items listed above.

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1 minute ago, craftyguy23 said:

To whoever refunds, remember that in a crash induced rollback the server goes back to a backup. In that backup the player might have had the resources but might have not used them to craft the items listed.

yes but i have put the items into the chest 3mins before the restart and 1min after that server was saved and than restarted

that means the items should be in the chest but they were not 

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