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[Unban Reset]


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1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

-(I'm accused of robbery)-

[3] Ban Category:

-(Temporary prohibition)-

[4] Ban Duration:

-(14 Days)-

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:


[7] Your Reason: Well accuse me of robbery, that can be done by anyone, first of all the forums that that person can take can be taken by anyone on it has no tests in which I give up the gold? or if? Just take a photo the same with the gold blocks in your inventory has no photo where I'm giving the gold

@KayWolves @Zyko

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You're not acused of robbery, you're acused for scamming, check THIS post.

Also, as you were talking about things of the real life (money, or things that you must pay with money IRL) it means that you deserve a permanent ban on all your accounts. I'm just waiting for the answer of higher staffs to approve it or not. 

Your ban stays and it can be longer, until I receive an answer for higher staffs.


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