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Hi, During the day in the afternoon a dragon disapeard, i was farming hearts, at that time i though grr but never mind go on.

Little later i hear something drop in my inv but no heart was there. (did not see it near the dragon) i thought again. lets stop for now :P

Its minecraft it can happen, But toninght i try again, I lost one heart, later one dragon was gone, then my stuf on the ground that need to spawn him was gone. (the ritual happend but no dragon)

Now i lost 5 hearts, so its more to say to you if more people report it i dont know if there is a bug.

If you can plz refund, if not bad for me :)

Thank you for your help.

With regards Sophie

Sorry for my bad english, its more then 25 years old when i had it on scool.

Account Name: SophieMarceau
Item name + Item ID Dragon heart (Item ID 4764, but very helpful!): 
Time/Date (Time/Date when "WHAT" happened): during the day and evening out the day
Description of Issue: Dragon en dragon heart glitches
Evidence (Optional, but highly recommended!): 

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