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[Refund Request]


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Account Name: Manyouforgot

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful)

Ring of Protection Item Id: 4546

Crimson Cult Helm Item Id: 4579

Crimson Cult Greaves Item Id: 4581

Manyullyn Cutlass named Forget It

Manyullyn Sword Blade: 6661:12

Thaumic Full Guard 6725:31 or 6666:31 (Id wasnt listed in nei)

Paper Tool Rod Item Id6652:9


Nether Star Item Id: 399

Gold Block Item Id 41 + Diamond Item Id 264

Enchanted apple Item Id 322:1 + Diamond Block Item Id 57

Flux Upgrade 5283:4

Max Luck Lapis Lazuli Item Id: 351:4

And Sharpness for the rest of the modifers Quartz Item ID: 406 

The rest i do not care about really.


Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]:


Description of Issue: I went to the End to mine some Ender Amethyst and Obsidian, I noticed someone was following me as i was flying around this was the player Qumuga. I did my rounds mining everything i was after and went to mine an obsidian pillar it caught me on fire i lost most my health i then tried breaking it not thinking it would explode. It kills me, so i walk to the end portal from spawn and fly back. My grave has been broken my Qumuga and with him fleeing the seen as i show up, i checked his inventory with /invsee and confirmed he took it. I pmed him asking him what gives him the right, no response. 

Evidence (optional, but recommended):



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