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Island Transfer

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First of all, log in as "darknigh71" at forum, if you forgot you password use "Password recovery option"

After you log in properly, you can ask for "Password reset" HERE
Use template to make propper request. If you make request as "darknigh71" your ingame password will be erased.


If you SOMEHOW can`t log in as "darknigh71", then i`m afraid you trying to trick us to give someone`s island to you. Shame on you!

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well i cannot cause my whole gmail is hacked and that guy deleted that gmail...

i hope i can get it back but nope...

Post #2: i will still make the request to transfer the darknigh71 is to my new account edwin990. thanks alot for the help but it don't work for me in other ways that i can only do is wait until the is transfer is accepted.


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Welp i am here darknigh71. My discord is -IA-WeiQian1501(Edwin). Well as you know that my minecraft got hacked and Edwin990 is my another premium account that my friend gift it to me today in my birthday.And yeah i agree with the Island Transfer just do it plz.

Post #2: And i am not forgot my password ingame or also at the forum but my minecraft account GOT HACKED and i don't know how to get it back and my gmail is hacked and got deleted that is why.... PLZ HELP!!

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Restoring access to Minecraft premium account is Mojang`s job.

Tho you can use Cracked launcher to get in game, and transfer island yourself. Here is instructions.

1) Go to https://www.hackphoenix.com/ and download cracked FTB lancher.
2) Download and start "SkyFactory 2.5.6" modpack, use your "Darknigh71" name (No password needed, because it`s cracked lancher)
3) Join server, and at same time start new copy of game, use name "Edwin990" to login (You can use either cracked or prem launcher)
4) Invite "Edwin990" to "Darknigh71" island.
5) Transfer leadership to "Edwin990" by typing "/is makeleader Edwin990"
6) ...
7) Profit!


P.S. If your PC is crap, and you can not lanch 2 copy of game, you can try to use CONSOLE CLIENT
You can use "MinecraftClientGUI.exe" enter "Darknigh71" name, server adress, and leave password EMPTY.
Then use it like you use ingame chat. Type "/is invite Edwin990" then "/is makeleader Edwin990"

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Please avoid double posting, just use the Edit button if you have something new to add

Maintenance is done in Mondays and Fridays (No specific time) and that's when your issue will be fixed. Just bear patience

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