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Not allowed to sell items because i have a sponsor+ in my town


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Hi just wanted a second opinion that isn't RoastedEU just to be sure of it (Nothing against him hes a nice guy) but i was told because i have a Sponsor+ in my town i am not allowed to sell/trade items? i was told this breaks rule 4 "No sale/gifting creative/illegitimate items to members outside of your town" personally i think that this just means items marked with "spawned by" etc are not allowed to be sold and i cant even use such items as my rank is only premium but is it true i cant sell any items what so ever? because any items that are illegitimate would be marked? but i only sell items i make and/or have gotten from my quarry. If i cant sell my items due to this i think the rule needs to state this but are there other ways for me to make money or am i completely stuck?

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If you have creative, gm1, /item, or NEI access, you are not allowed to participate in the server economy by selling or trading items. This breaks rule four.

The reason for this is because it is not possible to tell the difference between legit items, and items that have had their tags removed through illegitimate means. All items from a creative town, defined as a town that has a member who has access to creative, are supposed to remain inside the town at all times. If a member leaves to make their own town, they are not allowed to bring anything with them. All members who live in that town must live in one town only, the creative town, until such time as they leave, taking nothing with them. This is standard practice and policy concerning creative.

If you want to continue participating in server economy through trade, sell, or gifting, you must ask for your access to creative to be removed. To do  this, make a topic requesting this, and as soon as it's accomplished, you may return to the server economy.

Consider this a warning. If you , or your town mates (as this applies to them too) participate in server economy, there must be no creative access in the town, or rule 4 will be applied.

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