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Experience Obelisk suddenly got 24791 levels of XP


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Yesterday around 3 AM CEST I would use my Experience Obelisk (EnderIO) to store 7 levels. It already had 314 lvls. Nothing happened when I clicked the "Store all player XP" button so I clicked it a few times more, and suddenly it showed 24791! I then clicked "Retrieve all player XP levels" to see if it was just a display bug, but no. It gave me 3125 levels (which seems to be the player level cap). Also tried relogging, but it was true enough. They were there.

Currently I'll just walk around with my rightfully owned 314 levels, and my town mates and I will stay away from the Experience Obelisk until it has been reset. An item replacement with no XP stored will probably just do the job.


EDIT: Issue solved

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