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Network Server: eu survival pure survival

In-game Nickname: Benji9714(me) Andreas065(victom) iiTzkukash_(very helpful "staff")

LynesMC(one of the bad) Nightmare1(the other bad guy) 

LynesMC and Nightmare1 are staff and where killing us in gamemode 1 so we lost all of andreas good items. good gear and eveything, even a beacon and 1 and a halv stack iron block(that where not the best things)

then iiTzkukash_ came and helped us out















players that could prove: Andreas065, Benji9714, iiTzkukash_  xchicken something (he is premium+ ranked)

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Just to clear out LynesMC, Nightmare1 and Kukash are not Network Staff's.

I'm a Spanish speaker and I read the whole conversation, there's not enought evidence of Lynes or Nightmare killing you in Creative mode, even tho "Nightmare" say if he could pay you, instead returning your iteams back (he deleted them on creative)

Does anyone else have another opinion?

next time please fill up the complaint template.

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12 minutes ago, ZengZ said:

"Nightmare" say if he could pay you

Yeah that's the only "evidence", which isn't reliable, it isn't enough.
@iiTzKukash_ you are talking here about a ss? Do you have more proofs of what hapepned? Because I think that with these ss it isn't enough...

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