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/t shown in mytown plugin, but it not works


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Bruny already answered this elsewere, due to the conflict between /tell and /town (/t and /t) it doesn't work- and he couldn't do anything to change it.

All we can do is perhaps add some information anywhere to do /town instead of /t.

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I fixed this on a server with Essentials:

  • Get the plugin jarfile on your local PC and extract plugin.yml from it.
  • Go to this section:
    description: Sends a private message to the specified player.
    usage: /<command> <to> <message>
    aliases: [w,m,t,pm,emsg,epm,tell,etell,whisper,ewhisper]
  • Remove "t" from the list of aliases. It should remain like this:
    aliases: [w,m,pm,emsg,epm,tell,etell,whisper,ewhisper]
  • Save the plugin.yml, add it back to the plugin jarfile, stop the server, add the modified plugin, start the server.

Boom, Essentials no longer handles /t :D

Hope this helped.

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