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Suggestion for extra donator content


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As donating keeps the server up by helping to pay the bills, it is something that should be promoted a bit more than it currently is. Sure, you can get fly, creative and feed, but other than that there isn't much. Creative doesn't add much if you play survival (as it'll give that ugly "spawned in by .." tag and the others can be achieved with a survival equivalant (jetpacks, auto-feeder).

So my idea was to add donator kits, kits just as skyfactory 2.5 has, it's something no other modded server has (as far as i'm aware anyways) and it's something that's a bit weird. using kits as an extra feature to thank donators who play survival is something that might be considered worth while. I myself love the idea of kits to boost gameplay and to keep getting a little "thank you" everytime you use a kit.

These kits however should not be game-breaking. For example, kit VIP should contain some minerals and ingots such as diamond, gold and iron, while at the other end kit sponsor would get flux-crystals and enderium ingots (4-8). nothing that skips you ahead too far, but might be a welcome addition for those who need it.


Hopefully this is seen as a friendly suggestion to boost donators (both in getting new ones and keeping older ones playing).

Ofcourse there is always room for other suggestions, additions and improvements. :D

Have a pleasant day,

 ~ Nukes, tekkit judge.

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I agree with the thought process that was recommended by you RandomNukes. I believe that if you were to pay more, you should truly earn more. It just occurred to me I'm not logged in. It's LopFisherman (often goes by DeadInside). Thank you for reading this.

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