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Ban Buildcraft Quarries


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These things lag more than ender quarries by a massive margin as they load literally every chunk in its border wheras ender quarries only load 2 (mining and the original)

Lotta people wondering why this hasn't already happened, and every time I pass one I think that if it stops touching a box it'll crap up the server pretty hard.


The cost difference is negligible in expert mode as BC quarries require 7 of 9 components in common.


This bans lag.


EDIT: QuartWitch notes that they are required as part of RFtools quarry cards. I recommend making it unplacable but still craftable.

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I've had big issues with them on a private server I run, I read that changing the "timeout-time" setting on spigot.yml to 9000 could help.

But I agree their lagginess is unacceptable.

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Hi, banning the quarry will not reduce lag, we do profile the server allot and the lag reasons are some heavy bases with lots of machines in a single chunks or insane setups and draconic spawners, quarrys are fine

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